“When people ask why I buy Axis seed, I tell them that customer service is very important to me. I’ve worked with several other seed companies, and Axis is by far the best. On farm-yield trials they were at the top of their class. They make the farmer feel important, I’m not just another account. It makes you want to do business with someone who treats you with respect.”
– Tom Bonderer, Winston, MO



“Top-shelf seed backed up by good service. I know the owner and he will have his hands on the best genetics available for our Missouri farms. I trust them.”
– Gregg Steele, Richmond, MO



“Axis is not trying to force their products on me. I get the best products for my fields. It’s honest advice. The seed world is getting more complicated, and the Axis people make it easy for me. I buy all my seed from Axis. They take care of all the seed and let me concentrate on other parts of my operation. I feel my input is actually heard, and that matters to me and them. I like that they are locally owned and produce genetics for Missouri that match my farms. No smoke and mirrors with Axis or wild giveaway programs here. A solid crop plan for us every year. They work to get your trust and work hard to keep it.”
– Ryan Foster, Hale, MO



“What we like about Axis and their people is that I feel they listen to our wants and needs, then bring products to fit what we want. We have complete confidence in their genetics and placements as they always get the bushels we expect.”
– David and Tyler Wilt, Shelbina, MO



“Why do we do business with 21st Century Seed? The answer is easy. They learn and study my soil types as well as I do. They match the perfect hybrids for my conditions. They don’t try to talk me into some racehorse variety that does well on a yield trial with perfect conditions. They also don’t forget about us after the seed is delivered. They walk fields and are checking on progress all the way from planting to the grain bin. This is all done with honesty and integrity. The 21st Century people will always be our 100% seed provider.”
– Morris and Millie Rhode, Cooper Co., MO



“I’ve been a 100% corn customer for many years. Although the name has changed, 21st Century Seed continues to earn my business by offering knowledgeable personal service, great seed quality and selection, and consistent yield performance.”
– Eddie Brickner, Cooper Co., MO



“My Axis salesman is not trying to force his products on me. There is no sales pitch, just honest advice. It’s a great change of pace.”
– Joe Delaney, Baring, MO



“We have planted Axis for three years, with tremendous success. Their people are very knowledgeable and trustworthy. Their main focus is our farm’s success and bottom line, not cheap seed.”
– Bert and Kurt Greenwell, Broadacres Farm, Shelbina, MO



“I like the fact that they are a Missouri-based company and the owner actually visits my farm. Every year we sit down, review last year and develop a crop plan based on my needs and Missouri conditions. I am a 100% customer because they do what they say every year.”
– Steve Hall, Shelbina, MO



“As a proof of variety performance, we had 62.5-pound test weight corn. With any agronomic issue, their customer service is second to none, even with products they don’t sell, 12 months a year, seven days a week.”
– Jason Gerke, Cooper Co., MO



“We are 100% customers of Axis/21st Century Seed because they have taken the valleys out of our operation. Anyone can sell you a racehorse variety to work on your good dirt. We were looking for someone to make our marginal dirt perform, and they have done it year after year.”
– Randy and Danny Kircher, New Franklin, MO


“Even though I am a smaller farmer the Axis people still take time to place products for my farming needs, and are always available when I need them. They are very professional and easy to work with.”

– Mike Hopper, New Franklin, MO